About Kennel Danrac


Here is a little presentation of myself and my goals of breeding.

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I have always had dogs. I grew up in Switzerland with different dogs, among others Belgian Shepherds. When I was a teenager, I trained a Bullterrier to SchH (IPO). Later I got Grand Danois, which I brought along, when I moved to Denmark in 1985. I bred 2 litters of these wonderful dogs.

My first “Belgian” in Denmark was the Malinois-male Je-dan´s Allan du Arak de Bale, which I got in 1988. In 1990 I got a Malinois-female out of mixed show- and workinglines: Oud Sabbinge Laika v. Kasius.
Laika became the first Danish bred Malinois-female, to obtain all 6 workingexams (IPO 1+2+3 and BHP 1+2+3)

After many years of searching for a Laekenois, Vajert Dimma came into my life by coincident. She obtains everything – a super workingdog, a super familydog and a super showdog.
She is mother of the A-litter.
Dimma became the first Laekenois-female in Denmark to obtain IPO 1 and by that, she obtained the title INTCH (C.I.B.)

My goal is, to breed healthy and typical dogs with a healthy character, that can be used for all kinds of sport.